Monday, March 31, 2008

Pat's Stromboli Bread

I decided to try a new recipe last night from Everyday with Rachael Ray - Pat's Stromboli Bread:

I didn't used to be a fan of broccoli rabe (too bitter for me), but ever since I learned the trick of boiling it to get the bitterness to leach out into the water I've been loving it. I was actually craving this recipe all day yesterday and I hadn't even tried it yet. But really, how can hot sausage and broccoli rabe stuffed into bread, topped with three kinds of cheese be bad?

My only problem with the recipe was the final step - wrapping it in foil and baking to melt the cheese. While I understand the purpose, the finaly product was soggy and fell apart. I was able to eat mine, for the most part, as a sandwich, but SP had to eat his with a knife and fork. I'm not sure what to do about this and it won't keep me from making it again, but this is definitely a problem that needs addressing.

We had a few bananas leftover so as a special treat I brought out an old favorite, the nutella and banana sandwich:

We were good and split the sandwich, but I made it extra rich by adding peanut butter on one side. Yum!
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  1. I saw the Stromboli bread in her magazine and I wondering how it would taste. It looks good!

  2. hot sausage?
    three melty good cheeses?

    say no more. :)

  3. both of the sandwiches sound delicious!

  4. Michelle - I definitely recommend it! :)

    Melissa - You inspired me with the hot sausage. The sweet just wasn't doing it for us. The hot had so much more flavor. And you can't go wrong with cheese.

    foodhoe - Thanks!


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