Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cuban Sandwiches and Fries

In paging back through my blog recently I was reminded of the recipe for Cuban sandwiches that I got from Cook's Country. It's an incredibly easy meal to make and it tastes fantastic. I decided to pair it with fries for a yummy mid-week meal:

The recipe calls for both yellow mustard and mayo. In the past we decided we didn't like the combination of flavors with this sandwich so I left the yellow mustard off my sandwich entirely and added a little garlic to the mayo. SP, despite being an avid mayo fan, asked me to make his without mayo - just yellow mustard. I was skeptical but he loved it that way. I cooked the fries on my pizza stone and while they were crispy, they could have spent a few more minutes in the oven.

We really love the combination of flavors in this sandwich - the melty Swiss cheese, the roast pork and the ham with the pickles and banana peppers is a match made in Heaven.
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  1. What on earth are banana peppers? I read that and pictured half a banana shoved into the sandwich and I thought that was an odd choice of flavours! :P

  2. Katie - LOL! You crack me up! This page has a good photo/description of the pepper. I buy them in a jar cut into rings and pickled. They're mildly spicy and really tasty.

  3. Love Cuban sandwiches, but need a great recipe. I kind of like mustard myself. Love your blog and plan on coming back.


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