About Me

Hi there and thanks for stopping by my littler corner of the Internet!

My name is Sarah and I'm a home cook living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with my husband, Steve, and our adorable daughter, Katie. Here we are on our third trip to Disney World in December 2015 (we're a wee bit obsessed with The Happiest Place on Earth).


A Taste of Home Cooking was started on a whim back in August 2006. At the time, food blogs were a novelty. Heck, blogs in general were a novelty. I began this blog as a place for me to document the food we ate. As I approach 10 years of blogging, I think of this space as so much more than just a collection of recipes and photos. I've met wonderful friends through this blog and my family and friends turn to me (and the recipes here) for cooking inspiration.

This year (October 2016) Steve and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe how quickly time flies! We're both writers working in communications. We actually met when he was the editor of the local newspaper and I was his intern (scandal!) and every day we're thankful that we've both managed to make a decent living as writers.

sarah and steve

Katie is 6 and in kindergarten this year. She loves to read, draw and tell jokes. Thankfully, she's a wonderful eater. The only things she doesn't care for are artichokes (sob!) and beets. She enjoys helping me in the kitchen and always thanks me for making dinner every night.


Questions? Comments? Email me at tasteofhomecooking@gmail.com
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