Blogs I Read

A Byootaful Life
Katie is an Aussie who moved to Canada. This isn't a cooking blog, but a life blog.

Alosha's Kitchen
Melissa blogs because she loves to cook. And that's it. Her meals are delicious.

Cassie Craves
A comfort food blog like mine. Cassie cooks like I do, so her blog is a goldmine for recipe ideas.

Elly Says Opa!
Delicious Greek food (and other cuisines). Enough said.

Foodhoe's Foraging
A blog about restaurants I'd love to eat at if I lived on the West Coast.

I Was Born to Cook
Melissa is Greek and Italian and cooks some great food.

MaryEllen's Cooking Creations
MaryEllen is a good friend who loves to cook. That's how we met. I love her style.

Monster Munching
More restaurants I'd love to eat at if I lived on the West Coast.

Motherhood is Not for Wimps
A blog about motherhood. Liz takes off the rose-colored glasses and tells it straight, with humor.

Write a secret on a postcard and mail it in.

Sweet Beginnings
I feel like Jaida's big sister since my blog encouraged her to start her own. Check it out - she makes some amazing recipes.

Tamarind and Thyme
Good food in England. Am I jealous? Maybe. OK, yes.

The Food Pornographer
An Aussie who loves to eat the food her partner makes and take gorgeous photos of her restaurant experiences. One of the first food blogs I ever read.

The Girl Who Ate Everything
A twenty-something New Yorker who eats at restaurants I wish I could frequent.

The Way the Cookie Crumbles
Bridget is an amazing photographer and a great cook to boot.

Everlasting Present
A blog about scrapbooking written by a woman I met after our mutual friend was killed in a freak car accident.
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