Monday, March 10, 2008

Breakfast with C&T

The weather was awful on Saturday so since we were planning a late night at C&T's we decided to stay over. C&T were incredibly gracious hosts and despite the time change kicking all our butts, T was up early making a sensational breakfast. Just look at this plate of food:

T mentioned to me earlier in the week that she made a mean sausage gravy. In all my years of loving breakfast I have never tried sausage gravy. She serves hers over biscuits:

It might not look that appetizing, but this was absolutely amazing. So amazing that I asked for the recipe and I'm planning to make it for Sunday breakfast this week:

T also scrambled some eggs with cut-up pieces of beef from dinner the night before:

I had my eggs plain, but SP was in heaven. Steak and eggs is a winning combination in his book. T also used some of the potatoes from the night before to make potatoes with onions and peppers:

Thank you again for such a fantastic weekend. We had a blast! Next time we'll do Eggs Benedict at our house.

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  1. That gravy looks so good...sooooo are you gonna share how to make it..if T lets you....

  2. Nemesis - Stay tuned this weekend - I'm planning to make the gravy for Sunday breakfast. I'll post the recipe then (there's hardly anything to it!) :)

  3. We had a GREAT time with you guys! Thanks for coming out and hanging with us and letting me experiment on you guys. My kids take the fun out of experimenting!

  4. Tracie - I'm time we'll do Eggs Benedict at our house. :) And we need to set up a date to take C for a burger with a fried egg on top!

  5. oh yes that gravy DOES look appetizing. I cannot make gravy to save my life, but I would love to learn how to make the sausage one. used to get that a lot when I lived in texas.


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