Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monte Cristos and French Fries

SP has been clamoring for Monte Cristos for awhile now, so I made them for dinner on Tuesday. As you can tell from the photos, I didn't have mine with the traditional syrup:

Over the summer I was in Washington, DC on a work trip and we ate at an Irish pub that served a Monte Cristo. It seemed like a strange thing to get at an Irish pub, but they were serving it with hollandaise sauce instead of syrup so I gave it a try. It was absolutely fantastic. I'm more into savory then sweet anyway, so it was perfect for me.

I made the sandwiches the usual way - Texas Toast (bought special for this meal) layered with sliced deli ham, turkey and Swiss cheese, dipped in a mixture of beaten egg and milk and griddled like French toast until the bread was browned and the cheese melted. SP had his with syrup but I made a quick cheese sauce (think mac & cheese) that I seasoned with just a little lemon juice at the end. It had a nice tang that went perfectly with the Monte Cristo.

The restaurant in DC served their sandwich with homemade fries. I used frozen, but they did the trick.
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  1. sandwiches are my third favorite food in the world and I always love yours. they're all so melty. :)

  2. Melissa - We don't eat enough sandwiches for dinner, but they're so easy I think it's silly not to.


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