Sunday, May 11, 2008

Scrambled Eggs with Spanish Rice

I had a little more Spanish rice leftover so on Sunday I used the rest of it to make scrambled eggs with rice:

This didn't work quite as well as the previous breakfast, but it was still tasty. The scrambled eggs got lost in the rice so I think fried is the way to go. The salsa and sour cream were excellent additions, though.
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  1. funny I totally would have gone for scrambled too, thinking it would be the right way. glad you got so much use out of the rice. and that you gave me some idea of how to use my leftovers next time. :)

  2. Melissa - The fried egg with the avocado worked much better. I think next time I'd combine the two - rice, fried egg, avocado slices, salsa and sour cream. Yum! Served over tortilla chips it would be sorta like huevos rancheros. :)


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