Saturday, May 10, 2008

Leftovers for Breakfast

I love when I have a brainstorm that turns out to be a really great idea. We had some Spanish rice leftover and I needed a quick plan for breakfast this morning when it dawned on me - fried eggs, Spanish rice and sliced avocado.

I reheated the rice in a skillet with a touch of oil while I fried the eggs. The avocado I simply sliced, drizzled with lemon juice, salt and pepper. This was a fantastic breakfast. The yolk from the egg with the rice was a revelation. I'm always amazed by eggs - they can transform dishes I would never think would go well with eggs. The rice was just as good as the first night, if not better, and creamy, buttery avocado is always a plus in my book.
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  1. hee!! :) that looks like a great way to use the leftovers. I always have leftovers on that rice, of course, and have a hard time using them.

    the fried egg thing - you hit the nail on the head. jennifer at last night's dinner ( uses fried egg often, over main dishes, over whatever. it's something I love about her stuff. she seems to have really tapped into the idea that fried egg can enhance so many things.

  2. SP is spoiled rotten! SM is getting a belly and is on oatmeal & coffee only for brekky.

  3. I love the combo of eggs and avocados. I often make that and top with salsa and shredded cheese.

  4. Jungles - Thanks!

    Dani - It's so good, isn't it? Yum!

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