Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bird in a Basket

Seems we have a lodger in the hanging flower basket on our front porch:

I first noticed something was up a week or so ago when I opened the door to leave for work and not one but two birds flew out of the basket. Pink petals went everywhere. I thought it was a one-time thing, but when we were away my mom mentioned a bird was nesting in the basket. When we got home I noticed that the bird was still there, only this time it wasn't leaving when we opened and closed the door. I wonder if there's an actual bird's nest in the basket. If it ever leaves I'll have to investigate, although I don't want to get too close since I know birds don't like humans messing with their nests. I'd hate for there to be eggs in there that get abandoned because I got too close.
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  1. Danged bird scared the bejesus out of me when I was there feeding the Dustman!!

  2. I get them sometimes too, but I have to water them, as hot as it is here, so they usually abandon it before the eggs arrive.

    Gorgeous picture!

  3. That is so cute! As long as it doesn't start dive-bombing you whenever you walk past!

  4. Alotta - Sorry, Mom! If I'd known it was going to take up residence I would certainly have warned you!

    Snooty - Aww...I can only assume there are eggs in there. The bird never leaves.

    Katie - Ha! I think she (?) isn't going anywhere until the babies hatch.

  5. That's actually sort of a wives tale. People ornithologists set up special bird houses all of the time that allow them access to observe and examine the birds and their young and as long as they are careful and considerate nothing bad happens.

    I've also picked up little birdies that have fallen from the nest and put them back in the nest and watch them finally fly off as young birds.

    With that said, I would still only recommend just observing from a distance and giving them their space. Mourning doves are pretty tolerant and brave around humans (almost to a fault) so don't worry about getting "dive-bombed" unless you clearly deserve it :)

  6. longhair - Whatever would we do without your infinite wisdom. :)

    Unfortunately this story doesn't have a happy ending. :( We saw two eggs in the nest yesterday morning, but when we got home from running errands there was a broken egg on the pavement near the basket. The bird was gone so we looked in the nest - empty. Very sad.


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