Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back from Chicago

Hello! I'm sorry for the lack of posting lately. At least it was for a fun reason - we were in Chicago for a long weekend visiting my grandparents. We left very, very early Friday morning (yay for 3am wake-ups...groan) and had a great weekend in the Windy City.

I have a bunch of food pictures to upload, as well as some pictures from the aquarium where SP swears I got the horrible head cold I'm still dealing with. Let me tell you, flying is bad enough when you feel 100%. Add a head cold to the mix and you have one very uncomfortable trip. Thankfully it was a very short flight and we didn't have any delays. Actually, we were quite surprised by how smooth our experience was. Going out and coming back were both fine - no delays, bags arrived in one piece and on time, etc.

I will try to upload and write these posts this week, but I have a feeling it might not happen until the weekend. Like I said, I'm still dealing with this cold and since I was off Friday and Monday and called out sick on Tuesday, I felt I had to come into work today. I foresee a very early night tonight. I haven't cooked since we've been back and since we don't have any food in the house I don't think I'll be cooking until this weekend.

Thanks for your patience. We'll return to our regularly scheduled programming soon!
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  1. There you are! I was actually kind of worried about you. I get like that. :) Plus, I had a dream on Sunday night that I met you and SP, which struck me as so odd.

  2. Melissa - Hehe! Thanks for worrying about me. :) And how funny about the dream...I have dreams about meeting people I "know" from the Internet all the time. LOL!


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