Friday, May 23, 2008

Chicago Trip - Chinatown Meetup

On Saturday SP and I went to Chinatown to participate in a What's Cookin Chicago Meetup. I'd heard about the event from Joelen, a member of a cooking board I frequent. To read more about the event and see more pictures, click here.

We did dim sum and I have no clue what anything is, but I'll try my best. I think these are shrimp dumplings:

Some kind of scallion cake:

More dumplings, probably pork:

These I know - ribs:

I think the filling had Chinese spinach:

Fried baby octopus

Turnip cakes (I love these):

Beef meatballs:

Beef spareribs in black bean sauce:

I think the filling had beef:

Fried dumplings:

These little packets were stuffed with delicious sticky rice:

Some kind of taro ball, I think:

Pork dumplings:

Egg tart:

Sticky rice:


And more dumplings:

Pork sticky buns:

After the dim sum lunch we walked across the street to a shopping mall where they had all the zodiac signs represented in statues. I'm the rooster:

... and SP is the rabbit:

The view down one of the streets:

SP and I stopped at a bakery and got a sesame ball filled with red bean paste. Here's the outside:

... and the bean paste inside:

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  1. I absolutely love, love, love dim sum and this stuff looks great. You had all of my favorite things! Sorry to hear you caught a cold from traveling, though. I feel your pain. I got pneumonia while I was in Maine for Christmas. That was a long plane ride back to Phoenix!

  2. I love your post on Dim Sum! Your pics and commentary is great... and taking pics before we all dug in was a smart move :) It was so aweosome to meet you and SP and I hope we can meet again next time you'll be visiting. Hope you're feeling better! **hugs**

  3. SP is a rabbit? That means we're the same age. Well, I assume. Cause otherwise, he'd be 21. ;) I didn't know you guys had an age difference at all.

    I love all this food and would have killed to try it all. There is a distinct lack of good Chinese food in Orange County. Vietnamese and Japanese, sure, but for Chinese you have to go to LA or SF. Hmph.

  4. Tara - Ouch! Maine to Arizona is a long trip to be sick, especially with pneumonia! And yes, the dim sum was fantastic. :)

    Joelen - It was so great to meet you! We had a great time. Thanks again for the invite and the next time we're in town we'll definitely catch up with you. :)

    Melissa - Yup, we have 5 1/2 years between us. :) And no, SP isn't 21. Hehe.

    That stinks about the lack of good Chinese food in OC. :(


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