Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pizza Friday

Last night we had another Pizza Friday pizza, this time with mushrooms and black olives:

After last week's bubbly pie I was excited to see that this one stayed nice and flat. I knew it was going to be a good pie as I was rolling out the dough. I guess the warmer weather is working in my favor because I rolled this dough out with no problems.

Not only did it look beautiful, it tasted fantastic. After one bite SP gave me the thumbs up. In fact, it was so good we ended up eating the whole pizza in one sitting (over the course of an hour or so). Yum!
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  1. from seeing all your pizza pictures and posts over time, I have to say it was very apparent just from the photo how awesome this one must have been. reeeeally nice job.

  2. Melissa - Thanks! I was so happy with this one. Hopefully I can have a repeat this week. :)


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