Saturday, May 03, 2008

Breakfast for Dinner

On Thursday we had breakfast for dinner:

I made breakfast burritos (flour tortillas filled with scrambled eggs mixed with green pepper and onion, topped with some taco sauce), hash browns and bacon. It really hit the spot and I had a leftover burrito for breakfast on Friday.
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  1. Breakfast at dinner...brinner! :)

    I saw that on Scrubs and have been dying to use it. Woohoo! The burritos look mucho yummo.

  2. I so love a good breakfast burrito, but I make it a heart attack, with eggs, sausage, bacon, potato and cheese. =) damn, I haven't had one in a long while. jotting it down for sunday...

  3. C Laz - LOL! Thanks. :)

    Melissa - Oooh...I like the sound of your burritos. I was going to go all out and do something similar to what you do, but I needed a quick dinner. How big are the tortillas when you stuff that much into it?

  4. oh pretty damn big, the largest size I can get at the store.

    and like I said, I recognize that it's a heart attack hehe. but I actually did put it in my notes for the weekend, so thanks for the reminder. steve will thank you too. :P

  5. Melissa - Cool! I think it's everything in moderation, right? :)

  6. your hash browns are making me hungry! do you grate your own or buy them that way?

  7. C - Shhh...these are Ore-Ida. Usually I grate my own and I think they are SO much better that way, but SP wanted these for the convenience factor. They were pretty decent, actually.


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