Monday, May 26, 2008

Kitty Update

I mentioned that our cat was sick, so I thought I'd give you guys an update in case anyone was wondering.

After a multitude of trips to the vet, expensive tests, lots of anxiety, force-feeding and hoping for the best, our cat has made a full recovery. From what, we don't know. The vet was perplexed and told us that sometimes cats just have unexplained fever/illness. His best guess was that he got a virus and it made him feel crappy so he stopped eating. Apparently cats like to do that when they're sick. At his worst he was down to 10.5 pounds. But luckily the combination of antibiotics, force-feeding and an appetite stimulant helped him on the road to recovery and when he went back to the vet 5 days later he was up to 12.25 pounds. He's now back to his old self - playing, running around the house, eating like a champ and meowing at us when we aren't paying him enough attention. He and I spent a good part of Memorial Day snuggled up together on a chair. It's good to have my baby back!
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  1. He's giving you his look:

    "Umm, WTF are you doing with that camera in my face?"


    You know I sympathize with the worry. When that same thing happened to Andy, she lost 2 pounds and she only weighs 7 pounds normally, so it was frightening. It's a helpless feeling. I'm so, so glad he's alright, I really am. :)

  2. Melissa - He's got that look down pat. :)

    I knew you would understand, being a Kitty Momma yourself. Thanks for thinking about us. It's so upsetting when they're sick and you can't really do much.

  3. I'm so glad he is better! It's horrible not knowing what the illness is, so thankfully it wasn't anything too serious!

  4. yay kitty! he's so pretty.

    I have one myself who's getting old and skinny. it's worrisome :( but he is almost 15 and has had a great life! at least he;s still jumping around and eating fine.

  5. I've always heard if you feed a cat chicken & it doesn't eat, better see the vet.

    Once, one of my cats got an impacted hairball and nearly died from it. The vet had to surgically remove it and it cost a fortune. But, she survived. It was just weird.


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