Monday, May 05, 2008

Burger and Fries

When your husband is sick you tend to make concessions to things you wouldn't normally agree to. At least that's what happens to me on the rare occasions when SP isn't feeling his best. Such was the case this weekend when we ran some errands on Saturday before hunkering down for the weekend. He wanted frozen hamburgers, specifically Bubba Burgers, and I was feeling bad for him so I obliged.

Last night we needed something easy for dinner so I decided to try the burgers:

The results were OK. Nothing stellar and nowhere near as good as homemade, but they were decent. In an effort to acknowledge Cinco de Mayo I used pepper Jack cheese and pickled jalapeno slices on the burgers, along with bacon and lettuce.

As for the fries, I decided to throw caution to the wind and deep-fry them. I just let them sit in the hot oil, bubbling away, for probably 20 minutes in an attempt to get them crispy. I think I succeeded, but I still didn't like the flavor the oil imparted (and I used vegetable oil, which shouldn't have much of a flavor at all). Maybe I need to look into peanut oil...
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  1. indeed, peanut oil is the best for fries, but make 'em homemade, skin-on, & fried twice. yukon gold seems to work the best for me. waxier potatoes get brown before they cook through, so avoid those. :)

  2. oh hc have I got a recipe for you. I remember we talked about this a couple of weeks ago, the crispy fry thing, and I said I was making bison burgers and wanted to be able to have crispy fries with it...

    check this out:,,FOOD_9936_27098,00.html

    make sure you use parchment paper (at least it worked for me) and be attentive. I like mine even crispier than that picture - I'll send you a photo of mine right now.

    p.s. the burgers were *phenomenal* by the way; I'm making them again tonight.

  3. I know what you mean about frozen burgers. Yuck! Mr. Snooty likes those ghastly White Castle frozen burgers and buys them by the carton at Sam's. You can't doctor those enough, believe me.

    Still, your burger looks scrumptious.

  4. C - I need to find peanut oil in bulk because the little containers of it in my supermarket just won't cut it. Thanks for the tip about the Yukon gold!

    Melissa - Thank you! I printed the recipe and will definitely try it. We like crispy fries. :)

    Snooty - Ha! I always see the White Castle frozen burgers and tell myself there's no way they'd be any good.

  5. Time to pick on your burgers...or your photography of them :)

    You either need to make BIGGER burgers, get smaller buns, or change your camera angle. The burgers always look so small under that huge "cap bun". It's kind of comical and makes me chuckle sometimes and kind of reminds me of a smurf. Maybe it's the big hats they wore or maybe it's the thought of the mushroom houses...but it just does remind me of them for some reason.

    Actually now that I think of it we have Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii and there is a mushroom spaceship that also fits in with this :)

  6. longhair - You're lucky we're friends IRL or I'd be annoyed by your comment! :)

    Taking photos of burgers is hard. I'm not a pro at this and my camera is ancient, but I do my best. Hrumph! I will try to do better.


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