Friday, May 23, 2008

Chicago Trip - Topo Gigio

Sunday night we went out with my grandparents for an Italian dinner. They've always liked a restaurant called Topo Gigio. I'm sorry the photos are so bad. The lighting was awful, but I didn't want to miss a chance to take photos.

SP and I shared an order of calamari:

... that was served with a fantastic marinara sauce. The calamari were perfectly cooked and even my grandmother kept snagging pieces. SP is a huge fan of fettuccine alfredo with sausage and even though it wasn't on the menu he asked if they could make it. The dish they placed in front of him contained a huge mound of pasta, a thick, creamy sauce and spicy sliced sausage:

It was so good we kept eating and eating long after we were full. And yes, I said we. I ordered my own dish, but since SP's wouldn't reheat well the next day I abandoned my dish (I sent the leftovers home with my grandparents), in favor of finishing his meal. It was outstanding. Truly exceptional, especially for a restaurant that didn't have this dish on the menu.

I ordered the rigatoni in pomodoro sauce with pancetta, fresh mozzarella and basil:

It was really good, with lots of pancetta and creamy mozzarella. I'm sure it made for great leftovers the next day.
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  1. The food looks great, especially the calamari. Yum!

  2. I can take or leave alfredo but my GOD your dish looks spectacular. How I miss my old Italian haunts in NJ. :(

  3. Katie - :)

    C Laz - You can take or leave alfredo!? How is this possible? I'm sorry you guys don't have good Italian. :(

  4. If you can believe this, alfredo is too rich for me and gives me stomach issues. Too much of a good thing. I will eat it but it's not my "go to" meal when we go to an Italian place.


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