Monday, May 05, 2008

Macaroni & Cheese

Sunday night I made macaroni and cheese:

I didn't realize until I started making the sauce that we were out of cheddar cheese. We always have a ton on hand, so I forgot to check. We did have a very small amount (maybe 1/4 cup when it was grated), so I had to throw together a bunch of cheeses I found in the cheese drawrer - pepper Jack, provolone and a smidge of blue cheese crumbles. I threw in a small head of chopped broccoli that needed to be used and I topped the casserole with panko, which didn't work so well. Fresh bread crumbs would have been a lot better.

The sauce was seriously lacking in cheesy flavor, probably due to the missing cheddar. I should have compensated with some Dijon for flavor. And I'm not sure why the photo is so pink/orange. My apologies!
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