Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Neapolitan Mac & Cheese

SP and I were watching Lidia's Italy over the weekend and we saw her make a dish called Neapolitan Mac & Cheese. Everything about it looked good - the bacon, the onions, the garlic all cooked with pasta and potatoes with provolone cheese tossed in at the end. While I was cooking it smelled fantastic in the kitchen, the prep was easy and the final product looked quite enticing:

That is until I took my first bite. I'd only had provolone as a single slice on a sandwich so I had no idea how strong it was. Yowzer! I took a few bites trying to pick out the tomato, onion, bacon and potatoes but it was no use - the taste of the provolone overwhelmed everything else. SP could tell I didn't like it, which is a shame because he absolutely loved it. Then again, he's a fan of strong cheeses.

So this was my dinner instead:

SP, the loving husband that he is, ran out to Chik-Fil-A for me once he realized I wasn't a fan of the pasta.

Mmmm....nuggets. And sweet-n-sour sauce. And waffle fries. Yum!
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  1. Oh, that's so sweet of him! Shame about the mac and cheese does look good.

  2. Su-Lin - I think I need to experiment with the dish. I'll use the same ingredients but maybe a few different kinds of cheeses instead of one really powerful cheese.

  3. I LOVE Chik-Fil-A! Well, since becoming preggers I haven't liked chicken...but I did before I had a bun in the oven! My favorite way to eat the fries (and I've turned a lot of people on to this) is to dip them in ranch dressing! The little packs are okay but I usually ask for the ranch packet that goes with the salad. I also looove their lemonade! Too bad the pasta didn't turn out for you. I like to use asiago or Parmesan in my pasta. Provolone is too strong for me.

  4. Jessy - Hey! How are you? I am dying for some baby updates on your blog!

    Chik-Fil-A is awesome and we have one right down the street, which can be problematic when you're trying to be good. I like the idea of the ranch dressing. I just dipped these in the swee-n-sour but the ranch sounds better.

    Yeah, the provolone was too strong. I think I might do a little provolone, maybe mozzarella or fontina - something less stinky!

  5. aahhhhh chick fil-a! I never east fast food and yes, that's partly because it's terrible for you, but I also just really don't like it. but I had chick fil-a twice during my move. I mean, hey, when you're moving, you pretty much eat whatever, whenever your body tells you to stop picking up boxes and eat.

    I can't say for sure, but I have a feeling I would have liked the mac and cheese. I didn't know provolone was so strong melted - I did a grilled cheese sandwich of provolone once though and it suited me fine.

  6. alosha - We aren't fast food eaters either but we love Chik-Fil-A. It's a guilty pleasure, especially the waffle fries. Yum!

    I had NO idea provolone was so strong, although I should have gotten a clue when I was cutting it. I think a little goes a long way. I used at least 12 ounces of it in this dish - waaaaay too much!


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