Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Kung Pao Shrimp

Well, it finally happened. I knew my love affair with Cook's Country would one day come to an end. It just isn't possible for every recipe to be a winner. I just wish it hadn't been a shrimp recipe that let me down. Those things are expensive!

Tonight I made Kung Pao Shrimp:

... and the only thing good about it was the shrimp (and maybe the white rice I served it over). The sauce was bland and while SP and I agreed it needed something, we couldn't put on finger on exactly what that something is.

On a happier note, SP took some pictures of another bunny lounging in our yard today:

Isn't he a cutie? I'll hate to see them go once we put up the wire fencing. I can't have a garden and rabbits - they just don't mix.
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  1. Bummer! Your shrimp looks good, too bad it didn't taste good.

    Yes, those darn bunnies are cute but what a nuisance to gardening!

  2. It's disappointing when a meal doesn't quite work, and the ingredients were expensive, or you were really looking forward to it. Maybe you could have a play around and see if you can find that extra something it needs? Either way, it LOOKS delicious! :)

  3. JoJo - Now that I look at the picture it does look good, but it definitely didn't taste good.

    I've never seen so many rabbits in one place before. They're adorable, but since the woman who owned our house before us used to feed them I can only imagine they'll view any garden I plant as their own personal smorgasboard.

    Katie - SP asked me to never make this again. LOL! I have to agree with him. There are so many other shrimp recipes that we love.

  4. awww bunny. :)

    like jojo said below, it's nice to know you're not infallible. ;) no, it really is because I always feel like I'm the only one that makes mistakes from time to time - they're few and far between now, but I'm really hard on myself about them. ugh.

  5. alosha - I definitely make mistakes, even with recipes that I've made 100 times. It usually happens when I get cocky and stop paying attention because I think I can make the recipe with my eyes closed.

    But this was definitely not my fault. LOL! I followed the directions precisely. I just don't think making Chinese food at home is something I'm ever going to be good at. The other Cook's Country Chinese recipe I made wasn't so great either. I think I'll stick with their American-style cooking!

  6. You gonna grill the rabbit? If not, can I have him?

  7. longhair - No, we are not going to grill him and no, you may not have him! Dude's just trying to relax and you want to eat him. For shame! :P

  8. Not for shame...dinner...maybe lunch!


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