Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beefed Up Biscuits

I dug this one out of the "haven't-made-since-last-year" file when SP said we had some ground beef that needed to be used up.

I love this recipe because the filling is so versatile (we're already thinking of things we can add to it to make it more of a complete meal) and the cheddar biscuits are just so darn tasty.

Since I enjoyed the last salad I made so much I threw together another one for myself:

... using iceburg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, more of those tasty olives and scallions dressed simply with red wine vinegar and oil.
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  1. What are scallions? Do they have another name? Because I've read about them, but never seen them over here and thought perhaps they're like capsicums/peppers, with different names from different countries?

  2. Katie - Scallions are also called green onions or spring onions. Do you have those? I looked up scallions and Australia and one site said they could be called shallots as well.

  3. Ok, so maybe I don't have a Polish grandmother that would rise from the grave and beat me up, but I do, however, have a Polish grandfather that would. Shallots are not nearly, closely, the shame as green onions, in his master shallot gardener mind.

  4. What do you mix in with the meat? I'm partial to Manwich barbeque flavor...

  5. I take it you're feeling better? :)

  6. THC - Ahh, shallots! That's so crazy how they are called scallions - for some reason, "scallions" makes me think of seafood! Weird! :D

  7. longhair - What we know as shallots in the States and what they call shallots in Australia could be two completely different things. It's all about what they choose to call things in different countries.

    JoJo - You season the meat with cumin, chili powder, a little cayenne, salt, pepper and then mix in an 8-oz can of tomato sauce.

    C Laz - I had some Coke when I got home and ate a full plate of dinner, so yeah, I'm doing OK. :)

    Katie - So I take it you've seen shallots in the store? Scallions (or green onions or spring onions) have the long green part and a tiny bulb at the end. Isn't it confusing how things can have different names??

  8. longhair - Now, now. No need to be a smartass! I get enough of that at home. :P


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