Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chicken Parm

Thursday night SP made chicken parm for dinner. This is the first time we've had this dish at home because I thought I hated chicken parm. It all stemmed from my college days when they had chicken parm on Sundays, the worst day to eat in the cafeteria. That was the night they served the dregs since hardly anyone was on campus. Picture gloppy breading, overcooked chicken and a sickly sweet tomato sauce. Yuck! SP has always said he makes a mean chicken parm so he set out to convince me it could be tasty.

He also used up some of our half boxes of pasta as a side dish and I made the garlic bread. The chicken itself was moist and flavorful, with a nice crispy breading and just enough cheese to make it interesting. And the sauce had a slight kick and rich tomato flavor:

This is the chicken after he fried it but before it was transformed into chicken parm. I love the deep brown color:

And my usual garlic bread, with plenty of garlic, butter and parsley:

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  1. ok, here we go. this is the post I wanted to start on when I came back to spew all over your blog...

    glad you gave chicken parm another chance - I was forced to as well after discovering how much my hubby liked it. it was actually the second thing I made when I started teaching myself how to cook two years ago. it can be pretty good!

  2. alosha - Ha! I opened my email just now and had 9 emails, all from your comments. :)

    I was surprised by how much I liked it after the horrible experiences with it in college.


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