Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day BBQ

Yesterday we had my parents over for a Labor Day BBQ. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this weekend (sunny and warm with a cool breeze) so we jumped at the chance to sit outside.

I made that deliciously addictive corn, avocado and tomato salad:

... which was a huge hit. SP picked up some potato salad at the store (it was just OK, I make a much better version):

My burger, looking all pretty with its cheddar cheese, mayo, ketchup, lettuce, tomato and onion slices:

... and an inside shot (SP cooked the burgers perfectly):

My parents brought dessert:

... which they called everything from Peach Thingamagig to Peach Whatchamacallit (obviously they couldn't remember the name from the recipe). It was sensational, with tons of fresh cut peaches in a light custard (think bread pudding only without the bread) and a crumb topping that was extra sweet. Served with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream it was the perfect summer dessert.
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  1. Corn and Avacado salad looks great! Ran my 10K today...survived. I didn't think much about food except for pasta for the last few nights, which started to get a little old. Tonight we has some bison steaks, and the corn salad would have gone great!

  2. Longhair - CONGRATS on running the 10K!! How did C take the news?? She owes us a phone call...she said she was making you dinner one night recently, something with steak and mushrooms and roasted garlic. If you try the corn salad let me know if you like it. We absolutely love it.

  3. Those burgers look awesome. You're making me crave one right now!

  4. I can attest to the corn salad being out of this world!!! And not to contradict The Home Cook, but I think SP makes a DELICIOUS potato salad!! Not that The Home Cook doesn't also, but I can only remember SP making potato salad. As for the peach dessert...if I can find the source I'll let you know. It certainly was a hit.

  5. dani - They were very tasty!

    alotta (mom) - SP didn't make that potato salad, some nice person at Wegman's did. And you've had my potato salad least I think you have. I've certainly made it often enough. Of course no one makes as good a potato salad as you. :) We finished off the last of that peach dessert last night and it was just as good the next day.

  6. Dear Home Cook, I could almost swear that SP made potato salad for a dinner at our house. And when I raved about it he said he just followed the recipe on the mayo jar! I don't know what he did but it was something special!!

  7. Oh, another thing, to clarify my first comment. I know that SP didn't make the Sunday night potato salad. What I MEANT to say was that SP COULD make a tasty PS.

  8. alotta - That does sound vaguely familiar, now that you mention it. And I'm glad to know you didn't think he made the potato salad for Labor Day! :)


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