Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pizza Friday

We knew this week's pizza was going to be amazing while it was still cooking in the oven because the smell was just fantastic.

We topped the pizza with the thickest pizza sauce SP has ever made, thinly sliced mushrooms, pepperoni and one tomato sliced thin. The fresh tomato slices really added an extra depth of flavor to the overall pizza.

If anyone who reads this has any suggestions for new pizza toppings, we're all ears. We're getting a little tired of the same old same old so if you have an idea please leave me a comment.
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  1. this is the link to a pizza place near us that serves the most amazing, creative pizzas...the Grecian is my favorite...

  2. domestic - Thank you so much for the pizza menu. There are a ton of choices that sound good. :)

  3. I personlly like feta cheese on my pizza in addition to the mozzerella cheese. Also, artichoke hearts are yummy toppers!


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