Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dinner with the Parents

My parents invited us over for dinner and I actually remembered to bring my camera along! My stepgrandmother was there, along with some old family friends. We noshed on some nicoise olives on the deck while we nursed gin and tonics:

My stepfather wanted the meal to be a bunch of little dishes (like tapas) so we had a corn, avocado and tomato salad he came up with after enjoying the one I make:

My contribution was my Thai pineapple rice:

... made with basmati, chunks of pineapple, jalapeno, soy sauce, onion and cilantro. Our friends brought a cast iron skillet full of crispy roasted potatoes:

We also had delectable crab cakes:

... a nice piece of flaky grilled salmon served with a dill mayonnaise:

... chunks of rare tuna in a soy marinade:

... and shrimp in anchovy butter, an homage to a restaurant my family enjoys:

My plate, clockwise from the top - a piece of crab cake, roasted potatoes, a chunk of tuna, shrimp, salmon, Thai pineapple rice and corn salad:

My stepgrandmother brought a huge fruit salad to finish off the meal:

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  1. You know...I think someone is sending me a message or something. Friday I had pizza with olives on it, Saturday I made my now famous Filthy Polak (which is a super dirty martini, Sunday I had a 2001 Chateauneuf Du Pape that had a subtle hint of Spanish olives, and now, i look at your blog, and what is the first image...OLIVES!!!!

  2. longhair - I wonder what it could mean? What do olives signify?

  3. I just came across your blog from the blog roll. Its working! Great pictures- the food looks so yummy.(dont mind the drool) I'll be back!

  4. Megan - Welcome!! I'm so glad to have my first comment from someone who found me through the blog roll. :)

  5. Fruit salad -- my mouth is watering. What's this blogroll all about? Hm, will have to check it out...

  6. JoJo - It's the Foodie Blog Roll on the bottom right of the screen. I just joined. :)



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