Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pizza Friday

I don't know about the rest of you, but this past week was one of the longest of my life. For some reason every day felt like Friday and it was a serious struggle to get up and go to work. By the time the real Friday rolled around I was more than ready. After a lackluster lunch I was having a serious craving for chicken wings so I asked SP to pick up a pack as a pre-pizza snack:

... and they were delectable, as always. We do love chicken wings and that spicy, tangy Frank's hot sauce. The pizza, on the other hand, was not delectable. Sometimes experimenting can reap great rewards (like last week's pizza with pesto and leftover chicken parm) but this week's experiment went awry:

It certainly looked tasty, but the end result wasn't very good. I made a pesto using some spinach my mom gave me from their veggie box and it really overwhelmed the pizza. I put all of it on (first mistake, the pizza was drowning in it), and you couldn't taste any of the tomato sauce or other ingredients. There were some slow-cooked onions in there too, as well as some slice of fresh tomato. Lesson learned - sometimes keeping things simple is the best plan.
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  1. ah well. you win some you lose some... :) It does look good...LOL!

  2. Experimenting is half the fun! Those chicken wings look great - every time I see them on your blog I start craving them. They're so nice and light as well - not too heavy, and great for a pre-dinner snack. Mmm. :)

  3. marye - It looks good, but the flavor was all wrong. My husband was not amused!

    Katie - I know! Every time I look at my blog and see an entry with wings I get a serious craving. They're just so tasty!

  4. so did it basically taste like spinach and dough? I probably would have liked it hahaha. no, maybe not, I'm just a spinach FANATIC.

  5. alosha - Shhhh...don't tell SP but I actually thought it tasted fine. Not knock-your-socks-off good like other pizzas I've made, but it wasn't horrendous or anything. It tasted like spinach, cheese, garlic and dough (which isn't necessarily a problem in my book), but SP thought it wasn't very pizza-like.


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