Tuesday, September 11, 2007


We're feeling the pinch these days so we're trying to use up some of the stuff in our freezer. We bought a huge bag of pierogies awhile back and then kind of went off them. I was going to try finding a new recipe but never got around to it, so I went back to the old standby of crispy bacon and slow-cooked onions:

SP said he was tired of broccoli so since we had a whole bag of frozen corn in the freezer (and corn is one of SP's favorite veggies) I decided to doctor some up using fresh thyme and finely chopped scallions. It actually worked out rather well and was quite a tasty meal.
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  1. Sometimes I like to eat just a whole can-o-corn so I can relate to Mr. Sexy. I also like the surprise the next day :)

    I'm disgusting!

    Wouldn't blame ya if ya didn't post this :)

  2. This sounds really yumy actually. I love pierogies - they are basically big pasta, so I feel you can be very creative in that sense with them!

    Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!

  3. jenndz - Thanks for adding me to the Foodie Blogroll! I'm really excited to be part of it. :)


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