Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Cookout

On Sunday we had friends over for a Memorial Day cookout. They brought chips and salsa that we enjoyed out in the back yard, along with Rum Runners and Pina Coladas:

SP grilled up some hamburgers and hot dogs:

... and I made pasta salad:

I was really pleased with the pasta salad. Our guests had requested a traditional pasta salad with Italian dressing; something I've never made. I couldn't use something bottled so I made my own Italian dressing using this recipe and tossed it with the hot pasta. I also diced green and orange peppers, tomatoes, olives, broccoli, celery, red onion and scallion and tossed everything together with a little more dressing. It was really good, if I do say so myself. My plate:

The burgers were juicy and tasted great with lettuce, tomato and red onion. Our guests also brought cupcakes to round out the meal:

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!
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  1. I really wish we lived closer :(

  2. longhair - I know! :( We were thinking back to last year when you guys were visiting at this time. Hard to believe it's been a whole year already. We missed you!

  3. ...and I'm sure he's a hoot at get-togethers. ;)

    I love pasta salad. Yours does look really good, you have every reason to be proud of it. I've never made my own dressing, but now I think I really should try at least.

  4. Melissa - You have NO idea. :P

  5. That food looks lovely, especially the pasta salad - it looks really fresh and light. :)

  6. I think I can be rather boring at times! A lot of the time!

    Then again you should have seen me playing third base in whiffle ball this weekend.


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