Friday, November 02, 2007

Beef Stroganoff and Spinach Salad

I love when I try something new and it works out just the way I hoped it would. Last night I made a perennial favorite - my modified version of Rachael Ray's beef stroganoff from one of her first books, 30 Minute Comfort Foods:

I always sub ground beef for the sirloin and add in onions and mushrooms. This time I grated in some garlic as well. Unfortunately there wasn't really enough sauce, but it was still very tasty. I still think I prefer this dish with ground turkey since it's moister and more flavorful, but ground beef worked just fine.

I also tried a completely new recipe, Alton Brown's Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing:

I modified the recipe slightly, leaving out the mushrooms since we had them in the stroganoff and subbing half a shallot for the red onion since I didn't have any on hand. I also upped the egg count to three and cooked them for about half the time I usually do hardboiled eggs so the yolks were just on the edge of being cooked through. This was a fantastic recipe and one I'll definitely make again. The dressing is astringent without being too strong, baby spinach is always tasty and the addition of the egg and bacon is a winning combination.
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  1. Mmm! That strogonoff looks delightfuL!

  2. Looks great! What do you recommend if you don't have any sherry?

  3. I have a secret, unrequited obsession with stroganoff which the mister does not share, and it's not really something you see on the menu at restaurants anymore... Ahh, vicarious thrills. The spinach salad looks so good that I might have to try some home cooking!

  4. Katie - Thanks!

    Tara - I've subbed madeira and that tastes almost as good. They're similar in that their both fortified wines.

  5. foodhoe - Awww...that's a shame about the stroganoff. If I ever opened a restaurant or catering/personal chef company I'd do mostly comfort foods.

    The spinach salad was so good I want to buy more spinach just to make it again.


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