Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Cooking

After breakfast I used the three over-ripe bananas sitting on my counter to make banana chocolate chip muffins:

I ran out of liners so half were naked:

The recipe is similar to the recipe I use for banana bread, but they're supposedly lower in fat. I'm eating two for breakfast right now and they're not as moist as I like, but they still taste great.

Around 4pm we turned on football and got ready for our chicken wing taste-off. The challenger was a wing sauce from a Buffalo, NY bar called Anchor Bar. Our neighbor bought it for us on a recent trip. The wings:

... were peppery and spicy, but nowhere near suicidal like the label claimed.

They were quite tasty, though and put up a good fight against the reigning champion:

... made with good old Frank's hot sauce.

We totally gorged ourselves on wings and celery dipped in blue cheese dressing as we watched the game. I think we overdosed on'll be awhile before either of us wants to eat them again. But man were they good!

Earlier in the day I made another half order of mac & chese:

... and discovered a conspiracy - a 1lb box of pasta does not actually contain a pound of pasta. The last time I made the mac & cheese I used shells. I measured out 8 ounces of pasta using my kitchen scale. Imagine my surprise when I measured the remaining pasta before making this batch and discovered there was only about 6 ounces left in the box. I opened the rigatoni I used instead and measured first 8 ounces and then the remainder - same thing. This really infuriates me. At least the mac & cheese was good.
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  1. Those banana cupcakes look lovely - do you have a recipe? Because I have a stash of bananas in my kitchen which are going off and I was thinking of making some banana bread or cupcakes too. Great minds think alike! :D

  2. Katie - Actually, I wouldn't recommend this recipe. I got it from the Joy of Cooking, but while they look nice, they're actually kind of rubbery/dry. For some reason the muffin recipe in the book is for low-fat muffins and the batter was a little thick as I was making them. I'm going to try to find a different recipe next time.

  3. The recipe for the buffalo wings is the original one right? I've seen that restaurnat featured on the Food Network I think. Looks delish!

  4. Jenny - Thanks! They were so good.

    Yes, the original recipe using Frank's. Just mix melted butter and Frank's together and add the cooked wings. We cook our wings on a rimmed baking sheet lined with foil and parchment paper (the parchment is key - the wings stick to the foil but not the parchment).

  5. just noticed what you wrote about the pound of pasta. that is just wrong!

  6. Melissa - If you have a kitchen scale please try it and see if I'm right. I'm going to measure all my pasta from now on and if I notice it again I'm writing to the company. I'm so angry!

  7. Ok, I'll try my recipe today and do a post - we should experiment with different banana cupcake recipes and see which one's the best :D

  8. Katie - Keep me posted! I'm sad that you can't just stick banana bread batter in muffin cups and call it a day since my bread recipe is so good. Maybe I'll try that next time just to see what happens. :)


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