Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pizza Friday

This week's Pizza Friday was less than stellar. Things just kept going wrong.

For starters the dough may or may not have been moldy. I wasn't taking any chances so I threw it out. There was a hole in the bag and brownish green stuff on the dough near the hole. SP bought the dough frozen from the bakery so we can only assume the hole was made prior to freezing and the dough was compromised.

Then the sauce - I burned it. We usually don't cook the sauce but we bought a few cans of crushed tomatoes and the sauce is too watery if we don't cook it down, so I put the tomatoes, oil, salt, pepper, oregano and red pepper flakes in the pot to cook down. I had the heat up pretty high so the sauce was at a pretty fierce boil and despite my frequent stirring, it burned a bit on the bottom. The sauce itself tasted fine, but my pride was hurt.

Then the replacement dough - SP, the wonderful man that he is, came home, grabbed some money and ran back out to get new dough. He called a few local pizza places but the first two refused to sell him dough. Then he called our usual spot and they agreed to sell him a large dough. Unfortunately it was pretty big, too big for our stone, so I couldn't roll it out as large as it needed to be. That meant the crust was on the thicker side, but the real issue was this:

See all the bumps? I call them pimples (gross, I know). I opened the oven about 5 minutes into the cooking process and saw my beautiful pizza covered in those gross bumps. It was too late to try to pop them so we were stuck with them.

I couldn't get a good picture of the whole pie since it wouldn't all fit on the plate, so here are two slices:

I did the usual pepperoni, mushroom and black olives. This was the last of the pepperoni so we'll be moving on to something else next week. Hopefully the last dough from the bakery will be OK to use.
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  1. it still looks tasty to me!

    I'm a little nervous to try my first one, but maybe I'll just throw caution to the wind and do it this friday. fridays would be the best day for me to do it too because steve's best friend comes and hangs out every friday night and this would be an easy way to feed them each week.

    I copied your post from some time back on your tips/what you've learned cooking pizza. hopefully those will help me a bit.

  2. melissa - You'll be fine!! I was just having an off day and was rushing because I was hungry. If you aren't impatient and take your time, you'll be fine. :)


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