Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sunday Dinner

You might be wondering why I cooked a roast chicken dinner a few days before Thanksgiving. The answer is because I forgot Thanksgiving was this week. The holiday falls a little earlier then usual this year, not to mention I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it's the end of November already. Wasn't it just August? Wasn't I just lamenting the hot weather that was keeping us from enjoying apple and pumpkin picking with friends? Where does the time go?

In addition to the perfectly cooked chicken:

... we had the sweet potatoes and carrots that roasted in the pan with the chicken:

... creamed spinach (I cheated and used Seabrook):

... mashed potatoes:

... and an acorn squash roasted with butter, salt, pepper and brown sugar until it was tender:

I also made a quick gravy using the pan drippings, aromatics, some chicken stock and a slurry made with flour and water. It was a mighty tasty meal and certainly made the house smell good, but now I'm worried I won't be in the mood for the big feast on Thursday.
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  1. That all looks abolutely delish!! Now I'm TOTALLY in the food for TG!

  2. Katie - I can't wait to see how your feast turns out. It all sounds so good.

  3. yeah, everything you made is so thanksgiving-y. it all looks amazingly good, really fantastic. and come on, you'll still want thanksgiving! ;)

  4. oh, and by the way, I don't care if you "cheated" - I could eat that whole bowl of creamed spinach myself. I LOVE that stuff.

  5. Melissa - We'll see in a few hours. :) I think I'll be OK...once I get to my mom's and start smelling the yummy food and helping her cook I'm sure my stomach will start grumbling.

    Isn't creamed spinach fantastic? Seabrook is good, but RR's recipe is so easy and tastes worlds better. I was planning to have green beans with dinner but SP said they looked awful at the store - hence why we ended up using a box of Seabrook from the freezer, :)


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