Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Amidst all the cooking and baking I did today I came upstairs to check on the laundry and found our cat snoozing on the bed. Of course he woke up as soon as he heard the camera click on, but I did managed to catch him in mid stretch.

I love when he's half asleep. He has that dazed and confused look about him that makes me want to hug him and squeeze him. I really love that little guy.
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  1. I love him too and I don't even live with him. ;) cats are my favorite and he's just so beautiful.

  2. melissa - Awwww....thanks!! We think he's pretty damn cute. :)

  3. I know I still need to post pics of my andy girl... but she had to go to the vet tonight. :( she keeps vomiting and we don't know why. :(

  4. melissa - Definitely post pics. I'd love to see her. :)

    Oh no, poor thing!! I hope she's OK!

  5. I really don't understand him! When my cats see me pick up the camera, they immediately start posing like the attention whores they are. Dusters must be one of those modest felines. :)

  6. C Laz - I don't think he's modest, more just interested in rubbing against the camera, playing with the string, getting me to pet him - you know, more important things. :P


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