Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Part 2

We got to my parent's house around noon and my mom and I set to putting the finishing touches on our Thanksgiving feast. I just love looking at this picture - it really was a feast.

In order to keep our energy up while we cooked, we noshed on a few nibbles:

... pita chips, crackers, hummus, various pitted olives and marinated mozzarella and sundried tomatoes. The turkey looked beautiful when it came out of the oven:

... all crispy and golden brown. My stepfather did an expert job of carving it using a new butcher's method:

We had two things of stuffing, one that was inside the bird:

... and the overflow that was baked alongside with some of the tasty pan drippings. While they both tasted sensational, I preferred the insider stuffing since it had that amazing turkey and butter flavor you can only get from stuffing cooked inside the bird.

We also had the rest of the usual suspects, including mashed potatoes:

... steamed green beans:

... and roasted sweet potatoes:

Here's the table all set and waiting for everyone to sit down and dig in:

For dessert we had three kinds of pie - pecan, pumpkin and cheesecake (if that counts as a pie):

I opted for a big slice of cheesecake with raspberries and raspberry sauce, and pumpkin pie, both of which were outstanding. Another successful Thanksgiving dinner. I hope everyone had a nice holiday!
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  1. Oh what a beautiful feast! We don't have Thanksgiving here but I'm now looking forward to a big roast for Christmas.

  2. It looks like the skin fell off of the turkey...what the heck happened????

  3. Su-Lin - I love having a huge feast like Thanksgiving. :)

    longhair - What do you mean? Do you mean on the serving plate? My stepdad took the skin off while he was carving the bird. I don't think anyone eats it except for whoever gets the legs.

  4. Really? C's family did that one Thanksgiving and I was so pissed. I mean like really pissed. I like it so much that I took it out of the trash (it was on top) and ate it. Now each year they save it for me and give me a look of disgust as I indulge. I don't quite get not eating it. We work so hard to flavor it...rub in herbs and spices...baste it...and get pissed if it burns. It IS the best part of the bird!!!!


  5. longhair - Oh must really like the skin to pick it out of the trash. You make a good point about rubbing it with flavor - it goes look so pretty. I'll try it when we have our big family party after Christmas. :)

  6. They'll think of you as a savage :) Just watch!! It's going to be awesome!

  7. longhairman is hardcore about the skin LOL!!

    steve loves it too, I don't dislike it, per se, but I pretty much leave it to him.

    everything looks really great, HC, especially the turkey and stuffing. I love that you did roasted sweet potatoes instead of doing what everyone else does with them.

  8. Melissa - We've never had that sweet potato casserole with the marshmallows on top. I think sweet potatoes are sweet enough without all that on top.

  9. I agree hc, but like I said in my post on lisa's thanksgiving on my blog - I can eat it with either. I just don't necessarily think it needs it. ;)


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