Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baked Chimichangas

I thought of this recipe after looking through our fridge and seeing large flour tortillas that needed using up. I'd made it a few times before and we enjoyed it, but it's yet another Rachael Ray recipe that only sort of works.

I modify the original recipe because I didn't enjoy the smoked turkey. I was going to put the smoked turkey in SP's chimi but there was only one person actually working the deli at the supermarket last night (the other person just stood there ignoring customers) so we got frustrated and left. I use the black bean and corn salad, adding some chopped red cabbage, cilantro, scallions and the cup of tomato sauce, as the filling along with some pepper Jack cheese.

I can never get the chimis to roll properly, despite using the large tortillas. The filling is tasty enough, but I think I'm done with this recipe for awhile. It just doesn't wow me.
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