Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pasta Bolognese

A few weekends ago we bought a bunch of meat at the wholesale club, so this week we decided to raid the freezer for meal ideas. I thought pasta bolognese would be the perfect way to use up some of the ground beef.

I don't have a recipe for this but here's what I did: I finely minced a small carrot, half an onion and one rib of celery. I also found half a red pepper in the fridge so I minced that as well. All the veggies went into a pan with some oil until they were soft, then I added 1 pound of ground beef, breaking it up with a wooden spoon. Once the beef was cooked through I added a large can of crushed tomatoes, salt, pepper and 1 bay leaf. I let it simmer until it was nice and thick, with the tomato just barely holding the beef and veggies together. I mixed it with some rotini pasta and a nice shower of pecorino cheese. It was absolutely out of this world. For something I kind of threw together I was really impressed by how well it turned out.

Next week is the last week for the veggie box and this week was pretty slim pickings. Like the beginning of the year, we ended up with a lot of lettuce. Also, surprisingly, a lot of arugula. I threw together a quick salad of mixed greens, a chopped scallion and the last of my Spanish olives:

I tossed mine with red wine vinegar, oil and more pecorino cheese.
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  1. yes, katie said it right, it looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. Katie and Melissa - Thank you both!

  3. I am spoiled. I hate freezing things. Hey, personal question for the web to see, how do you and SP stay so svelte with all of this food?

    Let's see some of the less glamorous meals...bowl of pasta...rice krispie treats...microwaved hotdogs...etc


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