Monday, November 05, 2007

Road trip - NJ

Yesterday we went on a road trip adventure with our friends C & C to Luna Parc, an artist's house in Northwest NJ. It was a long trip but we stopped for breakfast in Frenchtown on our way. C1 tried the salmon, feta and red onion breakfast crepe:

... while C2 had a sausage and egg sandwich on focaccia:

I should have listened to my gut and had my breakfast (eggs, bacon, cheddar and tomato) on focaccia as well since what I was served:

... didn't amount to a very substantial breakfast. But no worries. As we approached Luna Parc we stopped at a farm stand for cider donuts.

Here's where the food photos end and the crazy, wacky world of Ricky of Luna Parc begins. This is his house and he opens it twice a year to the public for viewing. He also sells pottery and jewelry to finance his art.

This is an outside shot of the bathroom. It's amazing inside but I couldn't get a good picture of the whole thing:

In his kitchen he has a popcorn machine that dispenses free popcorn to hungry art lovers:

A concrete waffle (complete with butter and syrup) on the ground outside the house:

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  1. Wow - looks very cool! I love funky little places like that. Getting off the beaten path definitely has its rewards.

  2. Wow! What a crazy house! That looks so interesting - and it's also interesting that in Sydney there's a theme park called "Luna Park" - hehe!

  3. So when you get together with your friends C&C is it C&C Music Factory all the time?

    But seriously, this looks like so much fun I've already sent the Luna Parc link to Jay so we can go to the next open house, which, I guess, will be in June/July.

    And those breakfast pictures! Scrumptious! Sorry to hear yours was on the small side. I know how important portions are to you.

  4. Katie - The pictures don't do it justice, you really need to see something like this in person. It's pretty amazing.

    Erica - LOL! These are not the C&C Music Factory types. :P I think you guys will love this place. It was fun to go in the fall with all the leaves on the ground but I bet it'll be nicer in the summer when it's warmer and sunnier.

  5. that really is unbelievable. what a talented guy. I too love this kind of quirky art. I'm glad you posted the pictures.

    and I am so drooling over that sausage and egg on focaccia.

  6. Melissa - Isn't it fun? I wish the sun had been out (the pictures seem a little dull to me) but really, something like don't do it justice anyway.

  7. me too, wow! I love it when people go on a creative rampage in nature like that.

  8. foodhoe - It's pretty fun, isn't it? It's the kind of place that's constantly changing as he adds more stuff.

  9. Hi thehomecook, LunaDad here. Glad you enjoyed your visit. Even as a little kid Ricky was creating art and began collections of all kinds. He won a 4H award for his butterfly collection. His sisters are also artists.

  10. Hi LunaDad! Thanks for stopping by. We really enjoyed our visit and can't wait to go back for the next open house to see how the new addition is coming. :)


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