Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Since Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and we're anticipating a lot of leftovers, SP asked if we could have Pizza Friday on Tuesday. I thought calzones would be easier to reheat for lunches then pizza (I can't stand cold pizza) so I made two huge calzones for dinner tonight.

We each ate half of a calzone, which were huge:

For the filling I combined one 15-ounce container of ricotta, 8-ounces of mozzarella cut into cubes, 3/4 of a stick of pepperoni cut into large dice, 1/3 lb of deli ham thinly sliced and cut into squares, one 8-ounce can of sliced black olives, one egg lightly beaten, salt, pepper, and grated pecorino cheese. I brushed the tops with olive oil and sprinkled on more grated pecorino. They cooked in a 550-degree oven on a pizza stone for about 15 minutes until the edges were golden brown. I served them with some marinara for dipping.

After he wolfed down his half SP turned to me and said, "This is the only type of calzone allowed in this house from now on." I think we have a winner! It really was the best calzone I've ever made. It tasted just like the calzones I used to get from the pizzeria growing up.
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  1. After drooling over all your pizza posts, I think I've finally talked Jay into trying to make our own pizza/calzones at home. We live seriously 100 yards from a great pizza place and I'm addicted to their calzones and vegetable stromboli but I find they put waaaaaay too much mozzarella on them. I'd much prefer it calzone-style with some ricotta. These calzones look delectable! What a smart man your husband is, suggesting Pizza Friday on a Tuesday. That's an idea I could really get behind.

    The nightly dinner order they do in Newark is almost always from an Italian place so I've been getting acquainted with the various pizzas/strombolis/calzones of the greater Bloomfield/Kearney/Newark area. Am heading over to amazon.com to add a pizza stone to my wish list. I'll let you know how it goes!

    Oh, and I want to ask you about New Jersey/Pennsylvania "regional foods." Specifically, I recall hearing something they make at pizza places in the Trenton area -- a pizzola? Something like that? A reporter friend of ours once told me it's like a deep-fried pizza pocket. Does this sound familiar?

    Have a great Thanksgiving, little lady! I have faith you'll be able to work up a turkey-sized appetite. I know you've got it in you. Rise to the challenge!

  2. Erica - How funny that you left me a comment! I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering how you were doing. I was going to shoot you an email to check in. :)

    Making pizza at home is so easy it's almost criminal. Get yourself a good square pizza stone (they're only $20). You could probably buy dough from the pizza place next door - most of them sell their dough. And calzones are really easy, too. What can be wrong about gooey ricotta cheese?

    That pizzola thing sounds familiar, but I can't say I've ever had one. But deep fried pizza...ummm...yeah, count me in!

    I'm sending you an email now. :)

  3. Wow! Those ARE huge! And so good looking!!

  4. Those look great! I'm thinking that now I have to make calzones next week. Yum!

  5. Katie - If you get the dough nice and thin you can make some pretty big calzones. :)

    Renea - I think I might make them more often. I always saved them for weekends but the prep was so easy - no cooking since I already had sauce made - just mixing all the ingredients in a bowl.

  6. Those calzones are just oozing goodness.

  7. Dani - I just ate the other half for lunch and it was even better then last night (or maybe I was just famished). Either way I wished I'd had a whole huge calzone...I love cheesy goodness!

  8. you may have been famished - but I actually love leftover calzone, the couple of times I've had it (not my own... yet).

    honestly, these look so good, I don't even have an adjective to describe them. really.

  9. Melissa - The leftovers were really good. Thanks for the compliments...these were the first ones I've made where they actually looked as good as they tasted!


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