Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween (and some Mac & Cheese)

I can't believe it - we actually ran out of candy! We bought a huge bag (125 pieces) from the wholesale club even though our next door neighbors told us we don't get a lot of kids. By 8:20pm all the candy was gone and we had to turn a few kids away. This was our first Halloween in this house so I'm glad it was a good one. Our neighbors brought over their daughter, who was adorable in her pink leopard outfit, and we had the front windows open and the screen door and we could hear all the kids yelling in the street. It was so much fun. And everyone was so polite - they all said thank you and wished us Happy Halloween. There were even some grownups dressed up.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love our neighborhood? I'm telling you, it's like a little slice of heaven. We feel very lucky to live in such a great place. And I can't even tell you how many people complimented us on the pumpkins SP carved.

Next year we're going to do even more decorating and SP's already planning what designs to carve.

In the midst of all the excitement I managed to make macaroni and cheese for dinner.

SP requested shells for the pasta, so I used some medium-sized shells. They really held the sauce nicely. I think I'll use them from now on. I forgot the cheese topping so I threw it on over the breadcrumbs. It formed a nice crust that almost looks like a spider web (at least that's my story, since it's Halloween). It was so good I wished I'd made a full batch.

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  1. I'm glad you had a good Halloween - it's nice when the area in which you live is a pleasant one! :)

  2. Katie - Thanks! I remember your post about Halloween...when it's good like last night it can be a lot of fun. When you hardly get any kids it can be a real downer.

  3. that's awesome what you said about your neighborhood. I lived in new hampshire until I was 7 and never forgot that feeling of crisp northeastern autumns and holidays and suburban streets. I always thought I would live that way. I'm jealous. :)

    by the way, I have to tell you this. I just now went to grab a late lunch, a fish taco at the mexican place here in my office complex, yum, and they had rachael ray on their big tv.

    so of course I'm watching, but rather absentmindedly, as I am also glancing at the newspaper (down with the OC sherrif!). I hear her talking about taking the cod out of the pan... mixing it in a bowl and forming cakes... didn't give it much thought. but when she came back from commercial and started mentioning red peppers and shallots and smashed potatoes and spinach, I was like "no way!" too funny.

  4. Melissa - We really do feel blessed to live in such a great place. We totally lucked out!

    How weird is that!? I haven't seen that episode in ages. Too funny!


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