Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pizza Friday

Another Friday, another edition of Pizza Friday. Tonight we had a simple pepperoni pizza:

...that tasted sublime, with really good tomato flavor from the sauce and thick, spicy slices of pepperoni.

I baked the pizza on our new baking stone. The round one we had was too small for the pizzas I was making and we'd had one too many accidents that necessitated cleaning the oven. This new stone, while not as large as I'd like, was perfect for this pizza. We've started cooking the pizza on the top rack and it seems to do a better job then the bottom rack.

Since SP's working now I was in charge of the sauce. The last time we were at the store we bought crushed tomatoes instead of whole peeled and I forgot that when I went to make the sauce. It was a little watery but very flavorful, especially with the chunks of tomato I added using one we'd had on the counter for awhile (I think it was one of the last from the veggie box). I ran out of cheese so we had just a smattering of mozzarella with a little grated pecorino thrown on for better coverage.
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