Friday, October 26, 2007

A Cautionary Tale

So you know how I wasn't all that excited about the Cajun Rigatoni I made for dinner on Wednesday? Well now I have even more of a reason to hate the dish.

Picture, if you will, Thursday afternoon around 1:15pm. SP sends me an email titled "Piece of Glass" with this message inside: "Please be careful when you eat your leftovers today. I found a piece of glass in mine – I’m not kidding. Small, a little larger than a grain of sand."

I did a double take. He found a piece of glass? In his leftovers? The leftovers from the dinner I made last night? How is this possible?

I figured it was a fluke and went to the microwave to heat up my leftovers. I wasn't all that hungry to begin with but I knew I needed to eat something. I cherry-picked most of the vegetables and a few pieces of pasta out of the containter and sat down to eat my lunch. The first bite was fine but as I put the second bite into my mouth and bit down I felt something hard hit my tooth. I spit out the food and there, hidden underneath a piece of onion, was a shard of glass. Mine was a lot larger then a grain of sand. I promptly threw out the rest of my lunch.

I spent the rest of the day wondering how glass had gotten into our food. This is not something one expects from homecooked food. I chopped all the ingredients myself, for goodness sake. I hadn't broken any glasses lately and we hadn't had any issue the night before when we first ate the meal. How could this have happened?

When SP got home he showed me his piece of glass, which is about half the size of mine. I'd figured out by then that the Pyrex measuring cup I'd used to add the heavy cream was probably broken and when I got home I saw that the spout was, in fact, chipped. I still don't know how some of the glass managed to come off and get into our food, but it's really made me nervous about using glassware in general.

So there ya go kids, a cautionary tale about love, loss and pieces of glass in your food. Stay safe and happy cooking!
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  1. Hey, plates can chip, coffee mugs, etc...I wouldn't sweat it. The windows in our cars and house are glass...the light bulbs...we don't worry about these things do we?

  2. longhair - I'm only worried about the glass I use when cooking. My mouth hurt for the rest of the night after I crunched down on that teeny tiny piece of glass - I'm just glad I didn't do any actual damage.

  3. What about the side show carnie like people that eat glass...c'mon you wuss ;)

  4. longhair - Are you calling me a side show carnie!? :P

  5. holy moly! O_o what a random accident to happen. glad you didn't really hurt yourself.

  6. Melissa - Crazy, right? I'm just glad we're both OK.

  7. I was cringing reading this. That's terrible. I'm glad you're okay.

  8. Gosh that's not good, I'm glad there was no lasting damage done. Throw that cup out now! It's a good reminder to always have a quick once-over of any glass things you use when cooking, to look for cracks or chips!

  9. elmo - Thanks! I cringe whenever I think about it. It's just not something you'd think to worry about.

    Katie - Thanks! We've actually got the cup on our counter with the two shards of glass in it. Mine's a lot larger than SP's, maybe 10 times the size. Lucky me! And yes, that's a great reminder. I'll be a lot more careful with my glass baking dishes as well.


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