Friday, October 19, 2007

Pizza Friday

Another edition of Pizza Friday:

... this time with pepperoni and mushrooms. We used some of the leftover sauce from the braciola last night. The bacon, onions and garlic were a great combination with the wine, tomatoes and toppings. I didn't put on too much cheese either and it got nicely browned on top because we cooked it on the top rack in the oven.
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  1. hi, first time here....the pizza luks soo yumm

  2. Kitchen scientist - Hi and welcome! :)

  3. You should try grilling your on your Weber...the flavor is awesome! I don't like oven cooking them anymore :)

  4. longhair - The main reason we don't grill pizza is because we can't control the temperature of the grill. We aren't skilled enough yet at building different kinds of fire (i.e. something that isn't too hot). The dough is so delicate I'm worried it would burn. Until I can successfully cook vegetables without burning them the pizza will have to wait.

    And besides, we just bought a new pizza stone (square instead of round) for the oven.

  5. Practice practice practice!!! I know you guys can do it! C does like her's in the oven though...I'm all about the grill though! Besides you can throw some wood chips on to give it an ecen smokier "wood-fired" taste!

  6. I can't wait to try making pizza. soon! you always make me hungry for something with bacon and onions. ;P


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