Friday, October 05, 2007

Pizza Friday

Tonight's Pizza Friday marks the return of the infamous Buffalo Chicken pizza:

... a lovely concoction made with chicken cooked with Frank's hot sauce, Marie's blue cheese dressing and mozzarella cheese. After baking the chicken I shred or dice it. Once the dough is rolled out a layer of the dressing goes down, followed by the chicken. I'd seen a few recipes that called for an onion of some kind, so I chopped a few scallions and scattered those over the chicken. A few extra shakes of hot sauce and a smattering of mozzarella cheese and the pizza is done.

It was just as good as we remembered. The scallions were a nice touch and definitely something we'll add again, but here's where I got careless. When I cut up the chicken I tossed it with more hot sauce. Once I added all the chicken to the pizza I dumped the rest of the sauce on top, not thinking that it would cause the pizza to become a soggy mess. You know it's bad when you go to take your first slice from the plate and as you're lifting it up all the toppings go sliding off the crust. Shame and embarrassment ensued. I won't be making that mistake again.
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  1. I've made a version of this and loved it. Having recently discovered Frank's hot sauce I can't wait to make it again. That stuff is great!

  2. day to day - Hi!! Welcome to my blog. :) Frank's hot sauce is fantastic stuff. We love it on this pizza and especially for wings.

  3. Pizza looks yummy, we usually have pizzas on Friday night, Havent it tried it with chicken and hot sauce before but it looks like we should give it a go:-)
    Thanks for sharing
    X M

  4. toothfairy - It's a fantastic pizza! If you try it please let me know what you think. :)


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