Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cajun Rigatoni

I knew as soon as I woke up today that I wasn't going to be excited about dinner tonight. Cajun Chicken used to be a favorite in this house, but lately I just haven't been interested in heavy, creamy pasta dishes. SP, the biggest carnivore I know, actually told me he wasn't interested in having anything involving meat for dinner (I know, I almost fell on the floor from shock) so I left the chicken out of the Cajun Chicken. The resulting dish was basically a mushroom, green pepper and onion cream sauce with a little garlic, scallion and chicken broth thrown in for good measure.

Don't get me wrong - it tasted fine. It just wasn't what either of us wanted. You know it's bad when you only take 3 pictures of the meal and none are very good. I think we'll be retiring the recipe for awhile. I need some new ideas. Better yet, I need to find some time to go through my blog and revisit old favorites. I also need to (finally) make my famous eggplant rollatini. I can't take all the credit, though, since the recipe comes from Lidia.

I didn't feel like eating a huge plate of pasta so I had a smaller serving along with some leftover salad from Monday:

I left my creamy Caesar in the work fridge so I made due with red wine vinegar and oil. I added some green olives with pimento (I love their kick) and some grated cheese and the salad was actually quite tasty.
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  1. he wasn't interested in having anything involving meat for dinner (I know, I almost fell on the floor from shock)

    heh. I would have too.

    now I see what you meant in your post below. but that's a good thing, a perspective shift of sorts. right now I am so inspired and motivated all the time about everything I make, but that's not an always thing, not for any of us - thank god, or else I might feel creatively deficient. ;)

  2. Melissa - They can't all be winners, at least that's what I tell myself. Sometimes I'm really inspired to cook and other times I can't even find the energy to boil water. :)

  3. oh I hear ya. last night = leftovers.

  4. Melissa - Last night = Chinese. :P

    Actually, it worked out well that we went out for Chinese. We've been looking for a good place near our house and the place we found was excellent. I can't wait to order takeout from there.


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