Monday, October 15, 2007

Anniversary Weekend Day 2 (Sunday Morning)

Sunday was another gorgeous day so we set out early in search of breakfast. We're always on the lookout for a breakfast place where we can get some good, solid cooking in a place reminiscent of your own living room, somewhere you can read the paper and enjoy a cup of coffee (or a glass of OJ, in my case). I'd read about McGlinchey's in Doylestown so we decided to check it out. As soon as we walked in the smell of breakfast filled our noses and we knew we were in for a treat. We settled in with the paper, enjoying a quiet Sunday morning.

SP ordered a mushroom and Swiss omelet, home fries, toast and a side of scrapple:

He really enjoyed the fresh mushrooms and the abundance of cheese in the omelet. We both thought the homefries could have been more evenly cooked. Some were bordering on raw while others were hard as a rock. And the onions that were sauteed with the potatoes were barely cooked. He enjoyed the scrapple and his rye toast with grape jelly. I ordered an omelet that came with ham, bacon, onions, peppers and American cheese, home fries and an English muffin:

As you can see from the two photos, my omelet was substantially larger then SP's. His turned out to be perfectly proportioned. Mine was stuffed too full. Next time I'll order an omelet with less ingredients. I asked for the muffin lightly toasted and it was perfect with the jelly as an after-breakfast dessert.

After finishing our hearty breakfasts we drove out to Nockamixon State Park for another long walk. The lake was gorgeous:

.. with the sun making the surface look like it was studded with diamonds. They have a plethora of picnic tables so we're planning to come back with a picnic lunch to enjoy the scenery:

Another shot of our shadows as we walked along the path:

... that led us to the marina where hundreds of boats were docked:

We sat on a bench on a jetty just enjoying the view and watching couples and families set off on day trips on their boats. The marina was packed with people taking advantage of the beautiful weather. The ducks were also out for a swim:

On the way back to the car we noticed this massive mushroom fungus growing on a tree:

And so ends our Anniversary Weekend Extravaganza. I was going to take pictures of our dinner last night, but the lighting was horrible and we were in close quarters with other diners and I felt funny whipping out the camera. You probably won't see restaurant photos for awhile since I promised SP I wouldn't take those kinds of pictures unless we were on vacation.
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  1. Just wanted to say I've really enjoyed your anniversary posts! Well, I enjoy your posts usually anyway, but I loved all the photos. My fave is SP's ribs. They look GREAT. And I'd love to try that cornbread. Glad you guys had such a lovely time together.

  2. tfp - Thanks! I loved taking the scenery shots since the weather was so nice.

    The ribs were fantastic! I know you like ribs so I had a feeling you'd be a fan. :)

  3. the water looks so lovely! I'm pretty equal on my love of nature and my love of food. combining them is even better. again, many congratulations!


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