Monday, October 15, 2007

Anniversary Weekend Day 1 (Saturday Morning)

We’re back from our fantastic anniversary weekend extravaganza. I’m going to do two long entries with both food and scenery pictures starting with Saturday since I was a moron and didn’t bring my camera with me Friday night. I’m still kicking myself about it since we had amazing pizza that was incredibly photogenic.

Saturday morning bright and early we drove into Lambertville for our anniversary breakfast at the Bed & Breakfast where we got married. Laurie, who is a fantastic cook, and her husband, Mark, greeted us with big hugs. Laurie starts every breakfast with fruit in some form and we lucked out with fresh, juicy cantaloupe:

… served with a fruit “salsa” made with finely diced banana, kiwi and strawberries. But the star of the breakfast (and the reason we chose to go Saturday instead of Sunday) was the pumpkin waffles with homemade apple cider syrup:

… which are out-of-this-world good. She only serves them at this time of year even though people clamor for them year-round.

After chatting with other guests about our wedding and saying goodbye to Laurie and Mark for another year we set out for a long walk. Our plan was to walk into Stockton, which is about 3 miles down the D&R Canal. It was a gorgeous, crystal-clear day, not too cold or too hot. Perfect for a long walk.

Along the way I took a ton of pictures of things that caught my eye, such as this rusting railroad car hidden amongst the trees:

…a farmhouse barn:

…train tracks leading to nowhere:

…and our shadows as we walked along the path:

Once we got into Stockton we crossed the bridge into Pennsylvania and stopped at Dilly’s, a roadside stand that has excellent burgers and onion rings. After all that walking we wanted a snack (well, I did, but SP’s a good sport so he got something, too).

You order at the counter and they give you a random playing card that acts as your number. Once your order is ready they’ll call out “three of diamonds”:

… and you pick up your food and take it to one of the picnic tables. I ordered a burger with raw onion, lettuce, tomato and mayo:

… which was perfectly charred and layered with fresh, crisp toppings. But the real star were the onion rings:

…which are crispy and hot, fresh from fryer, coated in a thin batter. These are just outstanding and worth the 6-mile roundtrip walk.

On our walk back to Lambertville I took even more scenery pictures. My favorite is this one with the bench and the two trees:

Once we got back to town we decided to stop at the farm and get pumpkins to finish decorating our front yard:

SP also wanted to carve pumpkins so we spent the afternoon on the front porch doing just that. The finished product:

...along with an ornamental pepper plant I couldn't resist buying.
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  1. Beautiful pictures. I love scenery like that. And pumkin waffles with apple cider syrup? Sounds amazing (she says as she puts her Eggos into the toaster.)

  2. day - Thank you! It helped that we had gorgeous weather this weekend. Those waffles were insane. I wish I knew her recipe, especially for the syrup. Yum!

  3. it looks very peaceful. makes me nostalgic for new england scenery (not that california isn't also awesome!).

    that's so sweet that you guys go back every year. that must really make it special.

    my favorite food picture was the onion rings. I love finding really good onion rings, which isn't often, and those look gooooood.

    I love that pepper plant hahaha.

  4. Melissa - I'm quite partial to New England scenery. :)

    We like going back to the scene of the crime, as SP says. :P It's nice to see the owners and catch them up on our lives. And the food is fantastic. I hope next year we can actually stay over again since it'll be our 5th anniversary and it falls on a Saturday.

    Those rings were fantastic! Good onion rings are so hard to find so it was nice to have tasty ones.

    Isn't the plant awesome?!


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