Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cat: A Retrospective

Last night we were getting ready to run a quick errand. Our bathroom door was shut so when I opened it I was shocked to see our cat sitting in the window. For starters, he hates bathrooms (we don't know why but he has a serious aversion to them). He likes sitting in open windows (SP had been cleaning, hence the open window) but I'm not sure how the cat knew it was open if the door was closed.

Here he is when I came back with the camera:

He'd been laying down before I caught him (which was a lot cuter), but alas, I wasn't fast enough.

Now he's acting camera-shy:

...then he hears something outside:

... and finally he gives me his patented "why do you insist on taking my picture?" look:

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  1. the look he is giving you in that last picture is AWESOME. hahahaha. you should submit that to cuteoverload.

    and he really is gorgeous, his coloring, his eyes... just beautiful.

    I still need to post pictures of my girl. hehe "my girl." you know when you're childless and the cat is your "kid?" yeah. ;P

  2. sorry, but really, I giggle every time I enlarge that last picture of him. that look. that LOOK. *laughing*

  3. Melissa - Isn't he gorgeous? I remember when we adopted him the girl at the shelter who got him ready for us couldn't stop oohing and ahhing over his coloring. He's definitely our boutique kitty. :)

    I know! That picture cracks me up. It's so him, too. He gives us that look all the time, as if we're boring him or something. He's such a cat.

    Definitely post pics of your girl! We call our cat our furry son. :)

  4. Those pictures are adorable! I especially love the last one - he's always so expressive when you're taking photos - and that expression is usually of annoyance! ;)

  5. Katie - I know!! I think we annoy/bore him quite frequently. :P

  6. Your cat looks so much like mine! I can't get over it. We even have a room and a windowsill the SAME color, and when I first saw, these I was like, huh? What's she got my pictures for?? :P

    Thanks for the comment... I've been terrible about my visits! I will be back more often, promise.

  7. Here, you can see my kitty with my mom on this post:


  8. Gina - Yay!! You DO love me. :P

    Have you ever posted pics of your cat? I'd love to see them. How funny that we have the same colors!

  9. OMG! How funny...they do look almost identical! They could be twins - it sounds like they have the same temperment. Our cat isn't a lap cat either. He will lie right next to me, as close as he can get without physically sitting on me, but that's it. And even that we had to work up to.


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