Monday, October 15, 2007

Anniversary Weekend Day 1 (Saturday Evening)

Saturday evening we wanted to do something fun for dinner and Sweet Lucy's has been on our must-try list for ages. It's actually not that far of a trip so we hopped on the highway for an early dinner. It was a good thing we went early - by the time at we left at 6:30pm the place was packed.

I knew as soon as we walked inside this was going to be some seriously good BBQ. The smell was outrageously good. I'm salivating just typing this entry. I ordered the BBQ pulled pork platter:

... which came with two sides (I chose kickin' collard greens and baked macaroni and cheese), coleslaw and a nice thick piece of cornbread: from the oven. The cornbread was outstanding, with a nice corn flavor made better with melted butter dripping off the top. The pork:

... was soft and luscious, with plenty of smoky flavor and spicy BBQ sauce. And speaking of spicy, the kickin' collard greens:

...had quite the kick to them. They were slow braised in a vinegar-based sauce with a pleasant kick from hot pepper flakes. I'd never tried collards before and these were fantastic. Also good was the macaroni and cheese:

...nice and creamy with lots of crunchy bits from the top of the casserole. I loved every sinfully delicious bite. SP decided to go whole hog (pun intended) and order the full rack of ribs platter:

... which also came with two sides (he chose the collards and mashed sweet potatoes), coleslaw and cornbread. His ribs were also smoky and spicy:

... with plenty of meat on the bones. I ate one rib and had no trouble picking it clean. SP's a good eater and he only managed to eat maybe half the ribs. Conveniently everything comes in the styrofoam clam shells so we just packed up the leftovers to take home. We also enjoyed the mashed sweet potatoes:

... that had a pure flavor mixed with lots of butter. Fantastic. We're already planning another trip out there with my folks. It's nice to know we can get good BBQ close to home. And so ends Day 1 of the Anniversary Weekend Extravaganza.
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  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm barbecuuuuuuue. I made ribs at home not long ago, but I am in need of a restaurant experience. typically we wait until we visit texas every year (the holidays, family, etc.) and get something good there. cause, you know, it's TEXAS. like I said on one of my posts last week, once in a while, they're good for sumthin. ha.

    I've never had baked mac and cheese though. I know, I know, that's really weird. I've seen it on your page though and plan on trying some. I love it, but have only ever had boxed - and steve is so nutty about the kraft stuff, he's afraid of me making a homemade one. silly boy. ;)

  2. Melissa - Every time I look at these pictures I start drooling. You don't think of PA when you think BBQ so I was excited to find such a great place for it.

    We really need to get to Texas. SP's been dying to go. If we ever make it there I'll ask you for recommendations.

    Never made baked mac and cheese!? Woman, you are missing out! If you ever want a recipe you know where to find me. :P Seriously, Steve can still eat his Kraft - homemade is a completely different thing.


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