Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Salad for Dinner

I wanted something light for dinner (trying to eat healthier, blah blah blah) so I made a salad:

... including two different types of lettuce, arugula, beets, hardboiled eggs, bacon, scallions, radishes, pimento-stuffed olives, tomato and cucumber. I tossed mine with some red wine vinegar, olive oil and some pecorino cheese. It was exceptionally good.

I feel bad even posting this photo of our cat but I thought it was too hilarious not to share:

If he was my son he'd disown me. He was laying next to me on the couch looking all cute and cuddly but as soon as he heard the camera turn on he started shifting around. Somehow I managed to catch him in mid yawn and haven't been able to stop laughing since. I love the fangs and the fact that it looks like he doesn't have any ears. Priceless.
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  1. love the cat pic!! it was definitely a priceless moment captured.

    I make hearty salads for myself for lunch, but if I made one as a main dish for dinner, I think steve would hate me. ;)

  2. day to day - Thanks!

    Melissa - LOL! I feel bad for my cat. I'm sure if he could comprehend what I've done he'd hate me forever. :P

    SP doesn't mind salad for dinner as long as it's substantial, but last night he wasn't feeling well so he ate two buttered English muffins for dinner.

  3. You should try a bacon salad with like:

    ½ part Thick Sliced Bacon
    ½ part Maple Smoked Bacon
    1 part Regular Bacon
    ¼ part Bacon Bits
    ¼ part Canadian
    2 parts Sizzle-lean

    With a warm bacon-walnut vinaigrette.


  4. Oh my goodness, that is such an awesome photo! No ears and huge fangs! And you can see from his facial expression, it's sort of like "oh, not AGAIN!" Hehe :D

  5. longhair - LOL! That's a lot of bacon!

    Katie - It's just fantastic all around. :P

  6. longhair is quite the comic. ;)

  7. Comic??

    If I could find Sizzle-lean, I would actually try it!!

  8. The picture of your hilarious! I can't stop laughing at it! I love cats! Too bad my hubby doesn't!

  9. Melissa - Yes he is!

    longhair - I'd be scared of anything called Sizzle-lean.

    Jessy - Isn't it just too much? I can't stop laughing whenever I look at it.


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