Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Take Out

We recently found a fantastic pizza/hoagie shop near our house, which I will refer to as M's. Despite loving everything we've ever gotten from M's, SP decided he wanted to try another hoagie shop, just so he knew for certain that M's was really the best around. He picked up dinner for us on Wednesday at a new place, S's. We started with an order of fried mushrooms:

... served with a horseradish-based dipping sauce. SP is a huge fan of mushrooms so these were mostly for him. He liked them, but he prefers the batter-dipped variety. I've been loving fries lately so I got an order of cheese fries:

They were good, but there was way too much cheese sauce. I liked that the fries were skin-on and had survived the trip fairly well, but I couldn't eat the ones soaked in cheese sauce. My staple at any new hoagie place is the cheesesteak hoagie. I love the contrast of the hot, cheesey beef mixed with the cool, crisp lettuce, tomato and onion. When I unwrapped my hoagie I was dismayed to see this:

I was worried they'd given me a regular cheesesteak by mistake but no, this was a cheesesteak hoagie - the lettuce, tomato and onion were buried under the meat. While I can appreciate the fact that the toppings didn't fall out with every bite, being buried under the hot meat meant they weren't cool or crispy. Wilted lettuce is very unappetizing. This was a decent cheesesteak hoagie, but it just solidified my love for M's. SP got a roast beef hoagie:

... and admittedly went a litle overboard on the toppings. He told me he said yes to just about everything they offered to put on it, which made for too many contrasting flavors.

All the food was OK, but my ultimate test is in the leftovers. Obviously we didn't eat all that food in one sitting. I like to reheat the other half of my cheesesteak hoagie the next day for lunch and I pay special attention to the bread. I've never met a roll that can remain sturdy overnight (until we went to M's) and S's fell prey to the soggy factor. It was a decent version but when M's is right across the street I see no reason to stray.
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  1. See, if that was just a cheesesteak and not the hoagie version, I would be happy if the bread/meat looked like that. With more cheese on top. And more onions. :) I don't like the hoagie version but I can totally see how if you did that putting the vegetables on the bottom would be a dumb move. Mmmm wet lettuce. Eh.

  2. I love your takeout reviews even though I will probably never have anything from the places you post about. And now I want cheese fries.

  3. Melissa - would be a good meat to bread ratio if it weren't for the soggy toppings hidden on the bottom.

    Brooke - Mmm...cheese fries. I want some, too. I'm starving! If you ever come out my way (which you are more than welcome to, of course!) we could always go to one of these places. :)


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