Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Take Out

On Wednesday we experimented with a new hoagie shop but on Friday we went back to our first love, M's. Yes, we got similar take out meals twice in the same week. Sue us, it was a rough week. The first time we went to M's SP noticed they had a pizza called The Works and he waxed rhapsodic about how when he was a kid pizza places used to have this pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions and green peppers and explained how it was called The Works because that was all the toppings available. Apparently this was in the days before pineapple, anchovies, and the like were standard issue. It was his favorite and he's been dying to order it from M's, so we got a large:

It was delicious! I have to admit, I was shocked. I thought all those toppings would be too much but everything worked well together. And since this was our first foray into pizza at M's I'm happy to report it's just as good as their hoagies.

Speaking of which, I got my cheesesteak hoagie:

... and was pleased to see a return to the fresh toppings piled high on top of the meat.

This is one delicious cheesesteak hoagie, hands-down the best I've ever had. I doubt we'll be straying again.
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  1. That pizza wowed Steve when he saw it. He wanted to know if we could get that locally. Hard time finding good pizza where I am.

    I see what you mean about your hoagie. This one looks just like what you meant.

  2. Melissa - This is one of the reasons I don't want to leave the east coast...I'd miss good pizza and bagels. I hope you can find something similar out your way. It was delish! And yes, THIS is a cheesesteak hoagie. That other sandwich was a mockery.


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